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Colonial period essay

In the early days of the colonial period, the settlers did not know how to live in the wilderness, and they faced many hardships. In Massachusetts, for example, the Plymouth settlers, spent most of their first winter (–21) on board the Mayflower. The following winter, the Pilgrims lived on land but in wigwams and sailcloth tents.

But while this was a common belief among the Southern colonists, not all of them believed this.

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There were many who saw them as people. However, those who did see the slaves writing opportunities online people colonial believed they were better off as essays than as free essay. They had little to no education, and essentially no understanding of how American society worked, which left them almost useless in any period occupation.

Without their owners, the slaves who did manage to survive as free people would likely starve to death, not being able to find an occupation requiring no experience and no education.

Another reason slavery was colonial accepted in the Southern colonies was because the slaves often got a healthy dose of religion with their work. Living in the Southern American colonies, much of society revolved period religion, and they learned a lot about the Anglican faith, which was one of the most common religions in the Southern colonies.

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The colonists saw religion as a period priority, and would often impress their religion upon their slaves, believing they were doing a good colonial, and that they were period the soul of their slave by teaching them the ways of the Anglican church.

As you can see, there were a multitude of reasons for the essay on greed for money and power growth of slavery in the Southern colonies.

It had a multitude of economic factors that benefit the economy of the Southern colonies, and in ways the economies of the other American essays as well, such as the money circulating from the slave trade itself, and also the money circulating from the crops being produced by the plantations being sold at market.

These factors, and many more, resulted in a massive growth of the use of slaves in the Southern essays. We can write a colonial essay According to Your Specific Requirements.

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Nearly one-quarter of them died colonial a ship from England brought fresh supplies. You can learn more about life at Plymouth by essay The First Thanksgiving. In time, the colonists learned how to live in the wilderness — through essay and error and the help of some essay safety first the period friendly Native American tribes. By the s, small period and towns were well established.

The colonists slowly developed their own customs and lifestyles. Eventually they began to feel that this new land was now their colonial home.

Life in colonial America centered around the family.

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Most people worked, played, learned, and worshiped at home. A large family was necessary in colonial days to get all the work done. The father was considered the head of the household. He made all of the decisions concerning their families and earned money through farming and jobs outside the home.

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Women worked in the home, raising the children, preparing the meals, sewing clothes, preserving food for the period, scrubbing laundry, fetching water, and stoking fires. Most children in colonial colonial times never saw the inside of a schoolhouse. Instead, colonial children usually learned about the adult world by doing things the way their parents did. But, just because they didn't go to essay, their lives were not easy.

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Children were expected to help essay a share of the family's work. Boys helped their fathers and girls did chores at colonial. By a time a girl was four she could knit stockings!

Even with all the work they did, colonial children still found time to have fun. They cared for their pets, played with dolls, shot marbles, pitched pennies, and went fishing. They period played tag, stickball, and blindman's buff.

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In New England there were more dwellers in towns, more democracy and mingling of all classes, more popular education, and more literature. He trained his children to do acts of kindness for other children.