Hd Liquid Coverage Foundation

If you"ve spent any time in the TikTok beauty community, you"ll know they"re all about budget-friendly products—especially when it comes khổng lồ makeup. And, after spending a lot of time at trang chủ without much makeup on, TikTok"s beauty gurus are prioritizing quality products that feel like you"re not actually wearing makeup.

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With the plethora of beauty brands out there, you never have lớn settle for less than perfection when it comes lớn what you want out of your makeup. If you"re anything lượt thích me, one of the most difficult products to lớn find unique in is foundation. So, when TikTok started raving about Catrice"s ultra-affordable HD Liquid Coverage Foundation ($11, Amazon), I had khổng lồ get my hands (but mostly face!) on it.

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As a South Asian woman with sensitive, pigmented, dry skin, it"s hard for me lớn find products that match my skin tone and don"t make me break out. I was more than a little skeptical when TikTok users were promising it was lightweight, high-coverage, và had a long-lasting finish. I"m pleased khổng lồ say I was pleasantly surprised by how much I liked this, especially for a price tag of $11.


I found a perfect shade match.

My skin has a mix of warm và cool red, yellow, và orange undertones in it, so it can be hard lớn find an exact shade match. Of the 23 shades offered on Amazon (and 26 on Catrice"s site), "golden beige" was perfect for me. It has a bit of a yellow tint to it which added some warmth & radiance lớn my skin, but my favorite part was the slight red undertone which helped to even out and blur the pigmentation and acne scars I have on my skin.

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