Laneige mini pore blurring tightener 40ml

MF editorial team, August 21, 2015updated the Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Could mint water extract & waterclay be the ingredients we’ve been missing out on this whole time? We demo out Laneige’s latest pore-minimising (or Minisizing, as they hotline it) range & let you know if they vày the job.

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Enlarged pores are a problem for many of us và as long as the heat is ever-present on our tropical island, we’re always looking for new products to lớn combat the skin issues that come with it.

This week, we bring you our verdict on Laneige‘s latest Mini Pore range, consisting of two products that give the promise of clean & luminous skin. Particularly targeting the pores in what they call, ‘the quái dị zone’ (forehead, nose & cheeks), the patented Laneige Pore Minisizing formula hopes khổng lồ remove excess sebum from within large, caved-in & glossy pores while reducing their kích cỡ by letting moisture take their place.

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Did they bởi vì the job? Read on for our review.

Mini Pore Blurring Tightener

The Blurring Tightener is a pleasantly fragranced lotion-type sản phẩm that comes in a handy pump bottle. Recommended for use at the very end of your skincare routine during both day & night, I saw it as a primer that locks in all the layers of products I’ve applied beforehand (except SPF) and preps the skin for makeup by creating a smooth, even base. As I don’t have any distinct enlarged pores khổng lồ begin with, I can’t say whether it really fills in your pores, but I will mention that it feels like s velvety film over the skin – which evens out with any raised bumps I have from blackheads. It might feel uncomfortable at first, but the feeling quickly disappears as the product sets. My foundation glided on smoothly over it & remained pretty intact for the whole day, và my skin didn’t feel as oily throughout the day as it usually does after a few hours. I’ll vouch for the fact that the oil-controlling properties really do reduce sebum production while still providing ample moisture to the skin.

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Mini Pore Waterclay Mask

A sản phẩm I’ve been using weekly (or whenever I feel lượt thích giving myself some random pampering on a whim) is the Waterclay Mask. I apply the jelly-like clay hàng hóa with an old-fashioned flat foundation brush all over the face and it always dries up within 5-15 minutes, depending on how thick you lay it on. Once it dries you’ll be able to see some darker spots on your most problematic pore areas – mine being the nose – which indicates the most sebum being absorbed by the mask. With the accompanying microfibre sponge which I dampened, I gently removed the mask in circular motions & rinsed with warm water. My complexion usually looks instantly clearer for the rest of the night, but unfortunately my blackheads aren’t completely removed until I bởi my own extractions afterwards.

To sum it up, the range felt very luxurious khổng lồ use but didn’t quite work for my skin in the blackhead-clearing department. I might just repurchase the Blurring Tightener for keeping oil at bay, but my search for the best clay mask shall continue. I encourage you to try them out for yourself!