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We are pleased lớn announce that Commonwealth University has developed a new merit-based scholarship strategy. Using your weighted GPA, you can determine how much scholarship money you will receive instantly! These funds are available for all new first-year full-time students and will be disbursed equally between the fall và spring semesters. These awards will be renewed annually (up to lớn eight semesters total) as long as the student maintains a 2.0 cumulative GPA. New scholarships available!


About Lock Haven University

Discover Your True Potential

Come home to the Haven, where education is personal.

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Big universities cater lớn thousands. By contrast, we’re a small-town public university with big plans. We offer outstanding academic programs taught by experienced faculty who know your name, provide one-on-one attention, & are dedicated lớn student success.

Our experience-based approach khổng lồ learning, supported by well-equipped instructional labs, hands-on research, field placements, service opportunities, and internships, prepares students for a lifetime of achievement





Majors & Minors

You"re Going khổng lồ Love It Here.

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Let’s start with our 16:1 student-to-faculty ratio, not khổng lồ mention our 60+ in-demand majors, taught by top-rated professors.

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Settle In khổng lồ Your New Home

From the fresh-baked cookies in our Admissions Office khổng lồ our picturesque campus, you’ll feel lượt thích you belong at The Haven. You can have it all: the intimacy of a tight-knit community with the advantages of a world-class education.

Giving Back to lớn Lock Haven University

“For us, giving to LHU is a priority. My Lock Haven education afforded me a lot of opportunities and now it’s an honor khổng lồ be able khổng lồ help others.” – Ron Bowes ’66